North London

Tracey Taylor

I was the lucky winner of the newborn shoot from The Baby Show at The Excel in London 2012, I'd apprehensively entered even though I'd not passed the 12 week safe period, but I was so excited at knowing I had a life out of love growing inside me.

When Sue first contacted me to say I'd won and provisionally book a date I was astounded as had never won a thing in my life but boy this is one prize I will forever cherish in my heart! Sebastian arrived early after a traumatic birth that I wasn't expecting, Sue managed to rearrange things so we could fit in the shoot in the crucial period, upon arrival I was immediately at ease as Sue is so warm and welcoming, (in fact I was so comfy by the end I could have stayed for a nap!).

We were treated more like friends rather than clients which is what new mums and dads need. After some lovely fresh coffee and biscuits that was most definitely needed we picked colours and props for Sebastian and Sue explained step by step what would happen throughout the day, I was amazed by how fantastic she was with Sebastian as I was initially worried as he'd been quite unsettled since his birth. Everything just happened so naturally. Although we were lucky enough to win our shoot and a framed picture we couldn't resist buying prints and also Christmas cards, which our family and friends just loved and I most certainly will be back for the next stage shoot with Sue. I simply cannot recommend her enough to all my mummy and daddy friends and also my new expectant friends too!

Sue, you should be immensely proud of yourself and your work. It is by far, just simply, AMAZING, and I thank you from the bottom of my heart. X