Awesome Ayla - 7 weeks

I know that for many of you out there knowing that studios are closed and that you cannot bring your babies in for their newborn shoots in the first 2-3 weeks is very upsetting: it is for me too!  I thought I would do a little post to reassure you that I can get gorgeous pictures of your babies at all ages.  This gorgeous little Ayla was 7 weeks and came to me after the first lockdown.  I love the images we got from her shoot.

Babies are unpredictable and we never know the shoots are going to go even when we bring them at the ‘ideal’ time.  Some shoots are super easy, some are a little more challenging and some are really hard but most go really well.  No day is ever the same in the studio! 

I guess what I would want to know, if I was in your position, is how my photographer handles tricky shoots.  I am a professional and I have been doing my job for over 20 years so even on really tough shoots I generally get some great shots.  If I feel we can get better shots because the baby is tired /teething or needs more time to adjust to an environment, I will always suggest a reshoot, and more often than not, there is no charge for this. If I feel that we have their age/stage working against us I will often do that shoot and recommend doing another shoot at a better stage, which I will often do as a complimentary shoot.

I will try to give you and your baby the best shot and at getting the pictures that we can.  I work with the same clients for years and years andI love watching the children grow and and watching their development….I want you to come back!